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"You never get a second chance to make a good first impression."

~Will Rogers




Are you a United States Veteran seeking gainful employment? Do you have a current, top notch resume? It is my  mission to provide Veterans of the United States Military with properly translated,  professionally composed resumes. 

This is a FREE service. 

No strings attached, no hidden fees, or last minute charges. 

Supporting Our   Military Veterans

on the Path to Success




Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic situation, upheaval of our economy and the job market, I am now offering top notch, military grade resume packages to civilian job seekers.


Since 2015, I have successfully provided our Veterans with resumes that result in interviews.

I can do the same for you!


Sound Off! 

An exciting expansion   to my services!

Freelance Writing

Professional proofreading and editing services for businesses, nonprofits, students, and regular people too!

I am an enthusiastic word nerd, punctuation police, and grammar guru, very fastidious, and proud of it.

I try to keep an open mind about everything except grammar, punctuation, and spelling!

“The resume that you've given me has proved to be great as I've been getting more responses including complements from HR personnel from several companies. Thank you very much again for everything I really appreciate it. The support, and service you provide to us veterans and those of us transiting out the military unparalleled and first in its kind.”  CPO Julio S.  -2016


The Who:

Abigail Lee is an experienced resume writer, editor, and proofreader. Driven by her love of the English language and her strong desire to provide excellent service, she takes pride in her business, Write on Top (formerly Carry on Resumes a 501c3 nonprofit). For over five years she has written resumes for U.S. Veterans. As a nonprofit, her services were provided at no cost to our Veterans. Abigail possesses the keen ability to interpret the military experience, training, and education into civilian language. Successful in her research, translation, and writing, 94% of her clients receive interviews. “I got an interview!” is the message that makes her day! As a hands-on administrator, she is more than competent to proofread and edit grant proposals, website content, press releases, marketing materials, and newsletters. Anything written in the English language!

Most valued in her personal life is family that consists of three grown children and four grandchildren. Located in the Pacific Northwest she enjoys hiking and spending time by the water with her dogs. As an ethical vegetarian, she is enthusiastic about creating healthy foods for her family. 

The Why:

Veteran Resumes:   A successful reintegration, from military life to civilian, begins with securing employment that is both meaningful and financially sustaining. Relieving the time consuming, stressful task of composing a strong resume is how Write on Top will remove one of the many stressors of reintegration, while showing our Veterans that we have their backs. 


Civilian Resumes:  In spring of 2020, due to the rate of unemployment created by Covid-19, we added civilian resumes to our menu of services. Civilian resumes are quite simple when compared to a Veteran resume. Our research into the translation of skills, education and experience of military service is extensive. We are able to use those same research and translation skills to convey a civilian's transferable skills as personal assets. 

It is one of our greatest moments when we hear, "I got the interview!".


Freelance Writing:  It may seem strange to many, but we really do enjoy proofreading, editing, and copy-writing.    Little typos can drive us just nuts! It's a gift and a curse to notice every mistake in a book, newsletter, email, and so on. Let us know how we can assist you in creating the perfect, professional copy.

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