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Entry level ~ $249.00

An applicant with fewer than 10 years applied experience and education requiring a one page resume.

Professional Level ~ $349.00

An applicant that is mid to upper level management professional with ten plus years of experience and education.

Executive level ~ $479.00

An applicant with extensive career history, and/or educational achievements that require a document of more than one page.

Proof Reading and Critique ~ $75.00

We offer proof reading, editing, and critique for the format and appeal of a resume currently in use. If it is necessary to complete a rewrite of the resume, all of the Proof Reading and Critique fee will be applied to the new resume.

Cover Letter ~ $75.00

A cover letter professionally written to compliment a client’s current resume. Our cover letter will outline the client’s personal interest and qualifications for the position, including the unique work history, education, skills, and expertise that make them an excellent candidate for the position. This cover letter can be edited and customized by the client for use with future employment applications.

Expedited Service Fee ~ $85.00

In a hurry? Expedited service provides a 24-hour completion time of the draft copy. Once revisions and approval are received, just a 24-hour completion time of the final resume package.

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  • Resume:  Electronic (Word, PDF, Web Page) and/or paper hard copy

  • Cover Letter written to prospective employers

  • Reference List:  Five business and/or personal

  • Sample Thank You notes to be mailed following the interview

  • Smart Card (Mini Resume to be included with Thank You notes)

  • Job Search Record

  • Unlimited Revisions for 30 days

All documents will be error free and professionally formatted to make a sharp first impression.





What we will need from you:

  • A copy of resume currently in use

  • A list of employment interests or specific job posting

  • Time committed to a 30-60 minute phone interview, or complete the Client Intake Form found here and email to: carryonresumes@mail.com  

  • A list of five references with addresses, phone numbers, and how you know them

These documents can be scanned and emailed, or sent USPS to:

Outline of Professional Services Provided:

Write on Top

P.O. Box 1142 

Ferndale, WA 98248


Once you have provided the documents listed in the “What we will need from you” section and selected a resume package, we will email an online invoice for 75% of the writing fee. Upon payment, we will compose a draft copy of your resume and promptly email for your revisions and approval. If necessary, revisions will be made, and a final copy will be released with the remaining payment. Please allow us 3-5 business days to complete your package.

If required, for your convenience, we will print your resume, cover letter, and reference list on attractive 32 lb 100% cotton resume paper. A matching resume folder and envelope are included. You pay only for the cost of USPS Priority Mail, or USPS Priority Mail Express. 


Your success is important to us!

“Carry On was a lifesaver by helping me to recognize many skills I had not realized I had gathered over my working career and then organized them into a professional resume. Their guidance and knowledge calmed many of the fears that I had about how to present myself to get the job during my current employment hunt.”                                             ~Melissa S.

The fine print:

We do not, and will not ever, sell or share our client's personal information with anyone. Carry On Resumes is not a job placement service. We do not guarantee employment.


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